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After receiving  and making many calls the team here at SUPERPRIX Ltd realised we needed to explain exactly what the Superprix Concept was. Simply we want a Superprix to be a celebration of World Motor Racing. We want to explain the history and development of the sport from the early days of formula one and sports car racing through to the modern hybrid era and beyond.

In depth high street surveys showed that only 11 out of every 100 adults had ever visited a motor racing circuit, fewer had a grand prix. Cost, distance, weather, standing up all day, only seeing cars flash passed every few seconds, kids getting bored etc were the main reasons for not going.

We wanted to change all that. We wanted to give the general public, people around the World, the opportunity to see and hear the incredible machinery that’s been used in motor racing over the last seven decades, to see how cars have developed !

But how and where could we do all that?

After lots of meetings, many months of planning and endless sleepless nights it became clear that the best venues to solve all our spectator concerns were the biggest stadiums in the World, which provide:

    • Easy access from major transportation routes.
    • Lots of spectator seating and on hand catering.
    • Great all round visibility and atmosphere.
    • Weather protection and secure professional services.

Now all we had to do was to figure out how to build an exciting, safe race circuit that we could build quickly, but that would be a suitable surface on which to run formula one and GT race cars and would be strong enough to protect the hallowed turf of a football or rugby pitch underneath !

And we’ve done it! The Superprix Concept is now a reality!

[All graphics are examples for illustration purposes only]


The Superprix Concept represents a unique opportunity for stadium owners or promoters to deliver a motor sport experience like no other. We can deliver a complete package for a two day event which includes all on pitch activity from start to finish. This includes:

    • All pre event planning personnel
    • An experienced construction team
    • Circuit materials and all barriers
    • A complete qualified event team
    • All necessary equipment
    • A selection of race cars and drivers

Quite simply it leaves stadium owners and promoters to concentrate on exploiting the full potential of all sponsorship and advertising sales and to fill the venue with spectators.

[The enclosed plan and video encapsulate all that is possible].


The Superprix of Wales presents an exciting opportunity to participate in a ‘world first’. Never before has such a collection of motorsport vehicles been assembled  and run in front of packed spectator stands providing an unrivalled motor racing stadium experience.

Join us at a unique event as a spectator, sponsor or advertiser, or as an elite competitor and become one of a limited number of people who can say “I was there”.

A Superprix of Wales  event will create memories that will last forever. For anyone who has never experienced the sight, the sound and the smell of an F1 race car up close, now is your time. For you, for your children, this will be your chance to understand the incredible buzz that motorsport creates.

“All of the drivers in this event have a story to tell with many driving iconic race cars from the past. Many are worth millions of pounds. All are incredibly powerful. Every one of these drivers is a star. Someone who has committed time, money and effort into making the pedigree of British Motorsport the best in the world.”