Cars & Drivers

We will be inviting a wide collection of racing machinery and their drivers to the Superprix of Wales, ranging from Formula 1 to Le Mans cars, from British Touring cars to modern world race cars, to the early and dangerous F1 championship cars of the past. They will be joined by a variety of drivers, from stars of the future to British, European and even previous World Champions.

Many drivers and their families may not previously have been to South Wales and this is our opportunity to show the region as the beautiful part of the country that it is.

The 2021 Superprix of Wales will become your opportunity to participate in a ‘world first’. Never before has such a collection of stunning motorsport machinery been assembled and run in front of packed stands in and around one of the most impressive stadiums anywhere in the World.

Join us at this unique motorsport event as a spectator, as a sponsor or advertiser, or elite competitor and become one of a limited number of people who can say, “I was there !”. 

Never before has such a spectacular collection of racing machinery been assembled in South Wales. Never before have so many race cars been run in and around a professional sporting arena.

We are even bringing along the incredible and crazy stunt driver Terry Grant and his team. The sights and sounds of the 2021 Superprix of Wales will create memories that will last for ever and for those of you who have never experienced the sight, the sound and the smell of an F1 race car up close, now is your time.

For you, for your children, this will be your chance to understand the incredible buzz that motorsport creates.

All of the drivers in this event have a story to tell with many driving iconic race cars from the past. Many are worth millions of pounds. All are incredibly powerful. Every one of these drivers is a hero. Someone who has committed time, money and effort into making the pedigree of British Motorsport the best in the World.