Driven International

Today we are delighted to announce that Driven International have  joined forces with Superprix to offer their comprehensive range of services, not only to ourselves, but also to other motorsport ventures across the Globe.

Driven International design unique sports and leisure venues with a focus on outdoor sports, driving and motorsport and destinations.
Pushing the boundaries of creativity, design and use of technology, Driven International provide a fresh perspective on the planning, design and architecture of sustainable sports, leisure, race track and driving venues.

The Driven team are one of the worlds leading track design firms, and have kindly sponsored the Superprix project by developing the initial concepts for our event in Wales – as the project progresses their design and technical team will be on hand to provide detailed drawings and implementation plans for any global stadium venue.



We here at Superprix have taken a good two years to reach this point and any Superprix Event will be a unique celebration of the best of World Motor Racing. It will be an opportunity for all of you to see and hear a collection of F1, GT and supercars being demonstrated in a confined specially designed race circuit. It will be a unique and dynamic event and we are expecting huge demand for tickets.

With our first event planned for an iconic venue in South Wales we have decided to operate a very simple membership scheme. It will cost no more than a couple of pounds but it will enable us to build up a simple email database through which we will be able to offer Priority Tickets to members as soon as they are available.

Because of Covid-19 tickets may be restricted. A simple membership ensures that those spectators who are genuinely interested will get the first opportunity to purchase tickets and you will receive an email with an event date, times and prices before release to the general public.

In addition you will also be entitled to limited edition merchandising and discounts on a range of motor sport related products. For more details have a look on our Superprix Membership page.

Our hotline for local businesses who would like to be involved in the  Superprix of Wales is 01792 215780 for more information.

A range of advertising options exist  including… trackside advertising, stadium advertising, hospitality and a variety of trade stands.

Latest News….

We have now extended our development team and will now be bringing you an even greater range of spectacular cars and a world wide television show to remember it by.