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Superprix  Update!!!!

The sporting and Intellectual Rights to the Superprix Concept are owned by SUPERPRIX Ltd.

It is this company that will be promoting and organising Superprix Events around the World.

All enquiries can be sent via email to info@superprix.wales or by telephone 01792 215780 or 07803 001808.

As you can see on our welcome page, developing and staging this type of event has been a labour of love and very challenging. It has taken over three years of hard work and technical research to reach a point where we are confident any Superprix will be one of the most dynamic, exciting and enthralling motorsport events ever seen.

To run a range of Formula one and Le Mans race cars on a 560 metre circuit in any stadium was always going to be a challenge, but when you hear one running in such a venue the adrenalin can’t help but flow!

Combine that with a team challenge, two five man teams competing head to head against each other in identical cars and against the clock and you have all the ingredients for a unique action packed four and a half hours of motor racing entertainment.

SUPERPRIX Ltd bringing the Superprix Concept to you!

The Superprix Team

Over the last forty years our personnel have been involved in top class international motor sport both in the UK and abroad as both a competitors and promoters. Amongst numerous events, they have been responsible for the running of the UK Supercross Championships from ’87 to ’92,  the first ever syndicate motor sport team Tyrrell Grand Prix in ’99 and 2000, a reality television series “Be A Grand Prix Driver” for Channel 5 which was broadcast in ’04, followed by “So You Want To Be An F1 Driver” for Sky Sports and ITV’s Men and Motors.

Other events include the organisation of numerous prestigious F1 demonstrations and the running of the Bahamas Speed Week.

In truth an international team of vast experience. With a wide portfolio of management and events the Superprix `Concept is guaranteed to be a magnificent spectator event.

                                                                                               [Tim Matthews Tyrrell 012 Monza]